The Art Of Following Up With Your Leads

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Today I wanted to quickly touch on a subject that is SUPER important: Following Up With Your Leads

Basically If You are in the IM sphere you probably heard about E-Mail Marketing before. Its the process of marketing products to an email list which you built using squeeze or landing pages.

The main problem is not to creating that list. That is fairly easy. But the problem is the following up with the people afterwards.

Getting in contact with them and creating a connection with you in order to create a personal buyers experience.

Did You Know?

Only 1% of people buy something when they first see something? When they get exposed to it a second or third time the percentage increases up to 60%!!! after the 5. time.

That is what your follow up is for. You gently remind your costumers of the product your selling without trying to be pushy. I mean You can be pushy of course if it is a good product and You want to “hard sell” people. But…

…always remember…

…People like to buy, but hate being sold…

So when you write your e-mails try to be personal, provide value, be human and entertaining. Share something valuable about yourself. Create CONNECTION!

DonΒ΄t try to only sell but always provide VALUE first…

Not such a long post I know πŸ™‚ But I hope that helped!

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Merry Christmas Everyone! (Well sooon πŸ˜› )

The Art Of Following Up With Your Leads

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