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Hey there 🙂 My name is Sascha from Germany and I am 23 years old. I was always interested in Blogging and living a life different than the usual 9to5.

I love travelling, Yoga and everything mystical. I am still trying to figure out life (don´t we all?) and I am happy to share my thoughts with you. You can always contact me if You have any questions about basically anything 🙂 Contact me HERE

That was a short introduction. Now the long story 😛

I finished my A-Levels in 2012 and went backpacking through India afterwards for 6 months. I met lots of interesting people and dear friends there. My biggest inspiration thouh was Mata Amritanandamayi Devi or short “Amma”. You can just google her as it is quite hard to explain all about her 🙂
In short: She is an humanitarian leader travelling the world hugging people and basically spreading love and peache wherever she goes.

She had a huge influence on me and my lifestyle. If you want I can tell you more personally.

Why IM?

Well… The world is full of possibilities. There is so many ways out there how one can make money or live their life.

For me what was always important is that I don´t have to work 9to5 to make a living but have the time to enjoy life and explore some deeper aspects of existence. For that though one needs some kind of stable income or something to at least sustain the physical body. So food 😀

So it all comes down to Freedom. A huge word isn´t it. But I really think everyone can achieve whatever they want to in life. If you are really going for it the universe will support you in you endeavour.

I have been buying products online since a few years now (even though I didn´t really have any money back then) and most of them were… Well. Shit. The Internet is full of spammers and people which don´t really care for you as a person but just see you as an external wallet basically.

I tried many different things: Amazon affiliate marketing, blogging, advertisements, FB and Social Media marketing…. And much more… Now I wanna share this knowledge and help you become the person you want to be!

I am still learning everyday as I feel You can never learn everything. But I see every moment as an opportunity to grow as a person. I believe in the power of community and that we can actually all together have a positive impact in this world.

Maybe all of this doesn´t make sense… But as I already said: I am still learning and growing as an individual.

I set up this blog to share valuable information which I found and review products I used and still use today.

If it all still doesn´t make sense just contact me at
I will be most happy to help you out with anything you need help with 🙂

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